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Consensual sexual contact is always legal, as long as the people involved are 17 years old or older. There is a link to some of the relevant Missouri Statute regarding the age of consent at the bottom of this page. However, if the defendant is 21 years old or older and the victim is under the age of 17, then it is second degree statutory rape or statutory sodomy. If the victim is under the age of 14, then it is first degree statutory rape or statutory sodomy, regardless of how old, or young, the defendant is.

‘Girls Chatterley’s Partner’ Review: Constantly Horny, Not necessarily Wise

This is a bit more expensive than some of the other options on this list, but the value you receive for what you’re paying is impressive. But if you have the money you can invest in your relationship happiness, why not spend a couple dollars more to get the best. If you’re tired of trying to bump into Mr. or Ms. Right in front of the cheese display at Aldi, you’ve come to the right place. In honor of all the singles in the Show Me State, we’re going to show you (sorry for the cheesy play on words, we can’t help ourselves) exactly how to be more successful dating in Missouri.

Missouri Age of Consent Laws 2023

The state also shares a border with an unprecedented eight different states—Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Tennessee. For dating apps, this means you need to be able to set your distance filters for matches as wide or narrow as you want to. If you want the ability to meet people across state lines, amazing. If you want to keep it within your small town, that should be an option as well. You’re not going to find our team randomly recommending dating sites and apps just because we found them on Google. What that means for you is that you can rest assured that all of the Missouri dating apps we recommend are actually the top options available.

He has represented over 300 clients in federal cases and literally thousands of clients in Missouri state courts.

And while we’re suckers for the cinematic love stories that inspire thoughts like that, they’re just not practical. What is practical, though, and is a great dating app option for singles in Missouri is eHarmony. Legal stuff aside, you are in a dilemna just being 17 and pregnant. However, I suggest you discuss your options with your parents as soon as possible. IF you do not feel it is safe to divulge your situation by yourself, find an adult that your parents trust to help you tell them.

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The legal age for consent for Missouri can be reached at the age of 21. This means that anyone who is 21 may legally engage in sexual relations with anyone who is younger than. In addition, some people believe that they are able to legally engage in sexual relations with someone who is younger than the age of 21 if they are less than three years older than the person they are with. In Missouri states that anyone who is above 21 may only engage in sexual relations with a person who is under 17 when they are less than three more years old than the other.

This article provides a brief overview of the legal age statutes in the state of Missouri. Jessica loves digging into the history and magic of ritual, exploring the connections between people and places, and sharing true stories about love and commitment. When she’s not writing or illustrating for AMM, she enjoys easy hikes, fantasy novels, comics, and traveling. It is illegal for anyone to have sex with someone under the age of 17. Read on to learn what the Missouri age of consent is, what exceptions there are, and what the consequences may be for breaking the Missouri age of consent laws.

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We are always the first to commend seniors who are open to trying online dating later in life. But what’s important to us, especially for seniors in Missouri, is that they do so on a safe, trusted, and dedicated senior dating platform. While options are limited in this niche, there is one site that rises to the top—SilverSingles. In a spread out state with less than 100 people per square mile (that’s heavily skewed by the bigger cities), Missouri singles need a dating app that has a lot of members to meet and connect with. And while it’s not the largest dating app in terms of total members, it more than makes up for that with the quality of the singles.

Ideal for multiple relationship goals (casual and serious), Zoosk has been serving singles in Missouri since 2007. And in 2019, the dating app was sold to Spark Networks who has begun heavily investing in the app’s growth and development. All this means for Missouri singles is a quality dating app, that serves multiple interests, and is filled with great singles. While all three of the other dating apps on this list will work great for Missouri seniors, this is the option we recommend if you’re looking for a truly dedicated senior experience.

In Jackson County, for instance, 95% of the minors charged and tried as adults are people of color. There are 1,066 cities in Missouri which means a lot of those are pretty dang small. If you’re dating online in a city like that, you are bound to run into people you know (which is fine). However, you’re going to want to have some filters you can use to block certain people or hide from other people you’re not interested in interacting with. While this is still important in bigger cities, it’s even more important in these small cities.

Report data suggests that over 4.7 million people in the state identify as being Christian. So, in the spirit (pun intended) of this, we’re recommending Higher Bond as a top dating app option in the state. This table links to the marriage laws of the states and attempts to summarize some of their salient points. Those interested in the marriage law of a particular jurisdiction should review its law directly rather than rely on this summary which may not be fully accurate or complete.

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