The biggest threat to mankind are “Natural Disasters”.  Due to Natural disasters thousands of lives are lost and billion dollars of property loss are occurred not only in U.S. but also throughout the world.  Inspite of all our efforts we are still unable to find proper ways and means to tackle these natural calamities.  Instead of just witnessing the consequences of natural calamities can we do something beforehand ?.  Here comes our mainpoint ….. Predicting natural calamities in advance!.   This way we can save thousands of innocent lives and avert huge property loss due to natural disasters.The severe impact of Hurricanes in US can be reduced by following methods mentioned in this article.

I am K.S.S.RAMAPRASAD a resident of VIJAYAWADA, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.  Born and bought up in Kalavalapamula, Krishna  District, Andhra Pradesh.  From childhood days ambition to do something “good” to the society.  At the age of 16 saw the devastating “DeveSeemaUppena” (November 19, 1977 ) and its consequences.  Nature and its calamities got the attention and started observing closely the changes in the Mother Nature.

Later this curiosity awoke the hidden gift of forecasting the natural calamities beforehand. Approximately 40 predictions were stated about natural calamities (since 2002) in a span of 15 years.  Around 90% of my predictions proved to be true.  I kept the entire information open to the public through my website further research.

The main motive behind my predictions is to do something ‘good’ to the society by predicting natural calamities in advance and averting human and property loss.  To safeguard the lives of people is the noble deed behind my predictions.

By placing the predictions before the world it is expected to minimize the human and property loss due to natural calamities like hurricanes, cyclones etc. Predictions about upcoming calamities are revealed LIVE on my website…

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Like on land there are thousands of Quicksands inside the ocean.  These may vary in their sizes – small ones in meters and big ones in kilometres radius.  Because of the impact of the ocean waves on these quicksands underneath the ocean from 60-70 kms to 400 -500 kms sticky clay power is generated.  That power is called as ‘HYDROCLAYSONIC POWER’.  Every small or big quicksand is producing hydroclay sonic power cell / centre or point.  This Hydroclay Sonic Power is the main cause for all the drastic changes of climate on the planet.

1.Reason behind Earthquakes:-

First of all let us deal with Earthquakes.  Every quicksand underneath the ocean will hold certain amount of power because of the impact of ocean waves on them.  When its holding capacity limit crosses it will blast.  Depending on the  Hydroclay sonic power capacity, earthquakes are caused.  If their capacity is big bigger earthquakes are caused if its capacity is small, smaller ones are caused.  If the HYDROCLAYSO NIC power is released in one way under the ocean it may result in Tsunami (on rector scale 8 points) but if it is on land it may result to severe earthquakes.  If it is released in double triple way there are chances of two to three earthquakes occurrence on land in two or three hours time in different regions.  For example we have seen in Japan,Afghanistan, Indonesia etc.  How to detect the changes in the climate due to the release of HYDROCLAY SONIC power waves?.  HYDROCLAY SONIC power waves will travel underneath the Earth.  When they travel underneath there is a possibility for their release on the surface of the land.  Due to their release, there is a chance of tremendous heat on the surface of the earth.  In the sky clouds will form and we can easily detect these reddish brown clouds appearing slowly and travelling along the HYDROCLAY SONIC POWER waves filling the gaps of the sky.




These Hydroclaysonic power released from the quicksand underneath the ocean into the sky in straight direction at about 90 degrees resulting in the formation of the circles around the sun and the moon.  The circle formed around the sun is called the “SUN DOG”  and the circle formed around the moon is called “MOON DOG”.  Depending on the Hydroclaysonic power capacity depression, deep depression, cyclone, severe cyclone, super cyclone(typhoons) will occur.

The circles formed around SUN DOG and MOON DOG will come down to the earth atmosphere gradually resulting in cyclones.  It will take 100 to 110 days for super cyclones, 80 to 95 days for severe cyclones, 70 to 80 days for cyclones, 60 to 70 days for deep depression or cyclone, 45 to 60 days for depression or deep depression to occur on the surface of the Earth.

All these depend upon the release of the HYDROCLAY SONIC quantity of power.  If the HYDROCLAY SONIC quantity of power is less small depressions will occur if it is high it may result in cyclones or super cyclones.

We can assess the HYDROCLAY SONIC POWER power released depending on the distance between earth’s surface and its location in the sky.  If it is far away (when the HYDROCLAY SONIC POWER power generated is more) severe or super cyclones may occur and if it is near (when the HCSP power generated is less) depression may occur.  Depending on its height we can access its impact.  Even a commom man can assess the impact of HCSP formed around the sun and the moon(SUN DOG & MOON DOG) because of their appearance for ½ hour to ¾ hours.  If they appear for little time their impact will be less and if they appear for hours their impact will be more.

These HCSP circles will be influenced by the earth’s temperature when they come down to the earth’s surface.  This temperature will also show its impact on these circles.  Cyclones are divided into tropical cyclones and polar cyclones.  Tropical cyclones are severe and polar cyclones are not severe.

According to the scientists, when there is 27 degree centigradeslowpressure will form and results in severe cyclones.Theseasre called tropical cyclones.  But in my experience what I found out is – when the SUN DOG or MOON DOG circles are coming down to the earth’s surface ( low pressure area) the most mostmostfavourable temperature is 27 degree centigrade.

In future we can even reduce the impact of these cyclones on the earth.  This is the way.If we can take this earth’s atmosphere from 27 degrees centigrade to 35 or 40 degree centigrade the cyclone eye size will expand and its severeness will be reduced resulting in very less impact on the earth’s surface.On the other hand, if we can reduce the earth’s atmosphere from 27 degrees to 15 degrees then the cyclone eye size will reduce resulting in very less impact on the earth’s surface.

  • This will happen in Nature also. When LNINO occurs severe cyclones without showing their impact they will be depressed.
  • We can reduce the impact of these circles – low pressure by reducing the temperature to below 15 degree centigrade by injecting cold air into them.

Another way is to drop dry ice cubes into the circles (low pressure area – cyclone eye) we can reduce the temperature to below 15 degree centigrade then cyclone eye radius will be decreased.  Thus resulting in decrease of cyclone severeness.  I am very confident to say that this method will be implemented in the near future.  I am quite sure about it.  By this method we can reduce the severeness of the cyclones occurring on our planet.


(c) HCSP released from underneath the ocean at 45 degrees will result in the downfall of long circular rainfall and heavy rains.  In 2005 Mumbai floods and in 2009 Mantralayam floods and in October 2017 due to Krishna river floods Nagarjunasagar and Srisailam dams were flooded.


  1. Formation of DESERTS:-

Deserts are formed because of the release of HCSP waves travelling underneath the surface of the earth for thousands of years in a particular region.  Stones will be reduced to the level of sand and thus resulting in desert.  Because of the presence of these HCSP waves continuously there is a very less possibility of rainfall in those areas.

When these HCSP waves are released parallely  in the desert regions, “Sand cyclones” will occur.

  • If this happen on the earth surface “tornadoes” are formed. They may occur at any place on the earth.
  • In Chile, Peru countries these HCSP waves will travel parallely under the ocean waters. This will result in the ocean waves 0.5 degrees centigrade temperature increases and LNINO will form and rains will not fall in countries like INDIA and AUSTRALIA. Due to raise in the strength of the ocean waves resulting in the increase of more power generation of quick sand LNINO will form and rains will not occur.  LNINO forms because of this HCSP power only.


4.Secrets behind ‘BERMUDA TRIANGLE’:-

Because of the release of Hydrosonic power from thousands of quicksands underneath the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle region uninterruptedly resulting in the earthquakes cyclones and abnormal climate conditions formation.  Due to this the ships or aeroplanes travelling in this region will disappear because of the lower pressure area.  There is no possibility of their presence because of their entry into low pressure area.  There is no question of any aliens or other kind behind this Bermuda triangle phenomenon.

  • As in the case of a magnet radius – if anything comes within the radius of a magnet they will be attracted. If small object is not within the range of radius of the magnet it will not be attracted.  In the Bermuda triangle upto certain height only the effect will be on the objects.  Objects flying above will not be under its influence.

If once this height is determined then we can easily make this Bermuda Triangle a free zone making flights move freely above this zone.  Everything on this planet Earth bears about 700 metric tons of atmospheric pressure.  This atmospheric pressure will not be present in the Bermuda Triangle.  So a small charted flight which travels at a speed of 200 – 300 kms on reaching Bermuda Triangle will gain 3000 kms speed and safely crosses this dangerous Bermuda Triangle zone.

If the scientists can predict the exact height then we can turn this dangerous Bermuda Triangle zone into a tourist attraction.


  • In south and north polar regions, due to the release of this energy Northern lights and Southern lights (due to release of cosmic energy radiations) also known as AroraBolavis and AroraArstolagis are caused. These two colours are caused due to the release of ionic particles that are present according to the scientists.

In Artic and Antartic regions during the starting of summer ice bergs will start melting from upward direction due to severe heat of the sun and from downward due to the release of HCSP energy.  Because of HCSP energy release icebergs will break into pieces.


5.Mutation changes due to HYDROCLAY SONIC POWER:-

In the mutation changes of smaller living things like bacteria and virus there is a possibility of impact of this HCSP energy.  There is a possibility for mutation changes due to this energy.

6.Occurrence of Snow cyclones:-

Due to this Hydroclaysonic power snow cyclones are caused.The warmness in winter appears due to the vacuum created by HYDROCLAY SONIC POWER because of the passage of  these waves beneath the Earth and travelling parallelly on to the surface of the Earth. In places like America, Alaska,Arctic and Antarctic the temperature suddenly changes from -10 to +10 or +15 due to the passage of HYDROCLAY SONIC power parallelly on the surface of the Earth resulting in the formation of vacuum.To fill the gap in the vacuum wet winds come from the surface of the Earth and oceans resulting in the occurrence of  Snow cyclones.

7.Melting of Icebergs due to HYDROCLAY SONIC POWER:-

The melting of huge icebergs at a fast pace in Alasaka and other cold regions is not only due to severe heat emitted by SUN but also due to the passage of HYDROCLAY SONIC POWER waves underneath them.


  1. Hydroclaysonic power 2.Sundog 3.Moondog  4.El Nino  5.Sand cyclone  6.Tornadoes  7.Cyclone eye  8.Tsunami  9.Tropical cyclone  10.Earth quake  11.  Arora borealis  and  AroraAustralis  12.Mutations  13.Quick sand  14.Snow cyclones.